Digital Media Strategist

Originally from Johnstown, PA, Keefer Kopco first found himself in Erie in 2010 when he began his studies at Gannon University. As a theatre and communication arts major he quickly found himself becoming a jack of all trades. In college he spent most of his time behind a computer working on their student-produced blog or in the theatre building, directing, or performing.

It was his work on Gannon’s student blog that made him passionate about digital marketing and social media. After a brief tenure as the Social Media Coordinator for a small, independent comic book publisher, Keefer found himself at Epic and has become an authority on all-things digital strategy & social media marketing.

Since coming to this dimension Keefer has found love in the form of comic books. When he’s not actively fighting crime or traveling to other universes, he can be found curled up with a precariously stacked pile of back issues. He’s also incredibly passionate about slam poetry and modern cinema. Fun Fact: He was named after Kiefer Sutherland. His mom really liked Lost Boys.


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