The People

Epic Web Studios is a full service website design, social media, digital marketing, SEO and web development firm located in, but not limited to, Erie, Pennsylvania. Started in 2009 by David Hunter & Shaun Rajewski, Epic began with a single client asking to build a small website and quickly turned into a full service digital marketing firm that envisions, builds and manages web-based solutions for organizations throughout North America. Hunter, the managing partner, is both the problem solver and the face of Epic Web Studios; if there is a seemingly unattainable task before him, Hunter will find a way to do it quickly and effectively. Rajewski is the brains behind the over 30 million lines of code (and counting) that have been written; he is fluent in more than ten different coding languages and also has a creative eye that adapts dramatically with each new client.

Today, Epic has a full staff consisting of three developers fluent in all open-source methodologies, a classically trained graphic designer, a videographer/photographer with an on-site studio, two content developers who can turn a one-hour conversation with clients into optimized web pages, a Search Engine Optimization expert that focuses on both organic and paid search applications, a fully-operational social media department with four people, and an internship program that fosters growth for Erie's young tech nerds. Currently, we have over three hundred clients - many of whom are nowhere near Erie. Some clients are as far away as Studio City, California and even in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. We are a highly educated and very motivated web team that will stop at nothing to give clients exactly what they are looking for online. 

The Process

The team at Epic Web Studios will work with you to develop a premium website, a strong presence on search engines and a custom digital/social media marketing strategy. Your organization requires each and every one of these products to maintain viability in today's difficult market, and Epic Web is here to take your vision and turn it into reality. 

We start together, on the same side of the table. We do not like to think of ourselves as a vendor, but rather a strategic partner to your organization. After having a kickoff meeting with one of our project managers, you will begin to see the vast amount of options a new site has, and the many ways it can enhance your organization. 

Our feature list is broad; whether it's a custom location module using Google mapping, the ability to run an e-commerce store without hiring more staff, creating a social networking site, simple Facebook integration, high resolution imagery from our photographer or even developing a dynamic database that allows you to maintain an online inventory; you will feel comfortable knowing that there really are no limits to what Epic Web Studios can create. 

After you and one of our project managers establish the features, navigation and organization of your new website, Epic Web will take it to the next step and create an entirely custom design for your project. Every web page will be carefully mapped; user-experience and a responsive design will be paramount to how the site flows. By way of color, imagery, and navigation, we can establish the look you want for your organization on the internet. After generating a design you are 100% happy with and proud of, we will implement epicPlatform, our powerful content management system (CMS) that is made custom to your specifications. With epicPlatform in place, you have near total control of the text and imagery on your website. With your site live on the internet, you have the capability of making easy and simple changes to your website from any computer that has internet access. 

The relationship does not end after launching your website though. For many weeks after launch, we will monitor the site traffic with a fine-tooth comb (using Google Analytics & server-side stats), carefully analyzing its strengths and weaknesses and making minor changes to the text and cosmetics of the entire site. After you are confident that the website will stack up against the biggest competitors and market leaders, we will take the next step and start talking about how to market your site to the world through the use of search engine strategy, digital advertising and social media marketing.

We look at a website as an online extension of an organization, so we expect that you will want to maintain and update the site frequently. Look at it this way: would you open a retail store, set up the displays and leave them exactly as-is for two years? No? So why would you want your online storefront to function that way? Sometimes, you do not have the time to make updates and changes on your own (even though you can make them on your own with epicPlatform), so all you have to do is pick up the phone, submit a support ticket or send us an email. Once you have asked for help, our support staff will have small changes made within one day, and at no additional cost whatsoever. Large changes to a website will be considered on an as-needed basis; but the point is that we are not here to nickel & dime your organization. We simply want what is best for your business. As a strategic partner, why would we want anything less?

This is Epic Web Studios. Welcome.

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