At Epic Web Studios, we pride ourselves on our fast and concise customer support. Whether by phone (814-746-6987), e-mail, instant message, Epic's Facebook, face-to-face or smoke signals. You name it, we are always available to help.

Use the following resources for quick and useful support features.

Remote Access Support

Having problems managing your website or using features on your website? We can help. Using the TeamViewer application, we can remotely access your computer (only with your permission) and show you on your computer how to update your site, use a feature, or even see bugs that might only be native to your computer.

Epic Remote Support powered by TeamViewer

For more information about our Remote Access Support, please click here.

Storage Center

We've created a simple and easy to use file transfer tool that allows you, the client, to send us files quickly without registration or hassle. Simple click here to access the Epic StorageCenter, which can be used to send us any images, videos, or any sort of materials you are trying to send us pertaining to your website.

The Fallback Method

All of this too much? Simply want to call (814-746-6987) or e-mail an Epic team member? That's no problem!

Visit our staff page to find the phone numbers or e-mail addresses you are looking for, by clicking here.