Lead Developer, Partner

Shaun Rajewski graduated from Edinboro University and currently resides just a few minutes from the office in Erie. A self-proclaimed "computer geek", Shaun has been developing websites since the age of eight (yes, seriously, 8 years old). As Shaun continued through his early schooling, he became the "man behind the scenes" at General McLane High School. Shaun used this opportunity to enhance the look and appearance of the school's website, develop new ideas and features, and even created and implemented a Content Management System for the school district's websites.

A master in PHP, HTML, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery and pretty much everything else involving programming and logic, Shaun leads the team of developers at Epic. The author and brains behind the epicPlatform Content Management System, Shaun consistently improves user experience from both a front and back-end point-of-view. Shaun’s favorite thing to do at work is to improve the developer environment by creating new modules and features, speeding up development and adding to the product and service offerings of Epic.

Outside of developing new software, Shaun enjoys taking on the role of adding needless technology (such as the "EpicCams") and enhancing the office. Shaun also serves as the in-house repair man around the office, fixing nearly all issues that may arise, from leaky faucets to re-wiring light fixtures.

Beyond work, Shaun is a diehard Eagles, Penguins, Celtics, Phillies, and Otters fan. He also enjoys hanging out with friends, playing sports, treating himself to craft beer, and healthy doses of sleep, which usually happens face down on a keyboard after pulling an all-night programming session at the office.


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