Jessica  Cozzens
Executive Coordinator

Jessica Cozzens was born in Erie, PA, and raised in a country town near Columbia, SC. Over the years she has worked as a bookkeeper and administrative assistant where she discovered that her detail-oriented approach to business has given her an aptitude for problem solving, communication and client service.

In her role as Epic's Executive Coordinador, Jess provides support between the executive team, Epic's clients, and the rest of the company. She's a master of multi-tasking, and somehow manages to keep everyone's schedule balanced with the use of old-school pen and paper. We're not sure what the heck goes into those notepads, either, but she's definitely doing something right because the executive team hasn't been late for a single meeting since she joined the team!

Outside of work Jess spends most of her time with Jaelynn, her daughter. She also enjoys kayaking, travel, commercial art, graphic design and good humor.


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