Below is a list of real-life super heroes. The staff of Epic Web Studios will do whatever it takes to realize your vision, online. We've worked in every aspect of digital marketing and web development for almost a decade. Our backgrounds are diverse; we hail from all parts of the globe and Erie, PA is our home.

Life experience is a job requirement and each one of us has a story to tell. Give us a call, we will not disappoint. 

David Hunter
Shaun Rajewski
COO, Founder
Amanda Woiner
Director of Digital Marketing
Michael Thompson
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Dave Nicosia
Director of Web Development
Matt Swanseger
Director of Content Development
Jessica Cozzens
Executive Coordinator
Evan Donnel
Senior Web Developer
James Wnek
Senior Web Developer
Stephanie Glatch
SEO and Analytics Specialist
Sean Temple
Web Developer
Alex Murray
Digital Marketing Specialist
Kristy Freeman
Client Success
Hannah Brunotts
Content Developer
Carley Biebel
Graphic Designer
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