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Jay Puskar is an Erie, PA guy, through-and-through. Graduating with high honors from Seneca brought him to Mercyhurst University with a degree in communications and journalism. Following graduation, Jay was hired by WICU-12 (Erie's NBC Affiliate) as a sports reporter and anchor. While being in the public spotlight in front of the camera, he also excelled in producing, writing, filming, editing, and networking. Jay spent 13 years covering everything from high school sports, four Super Bowls, and everything in between.

While not waist-deep in high-level sports arguments, Jay works in the business development offices of Epic Web. Primarily focused on helping businesses frame their brand online, Jay knows a thing-or-two about how to tell a story and build a brand from nothing. Jay understands what it takes to compete on the modern web and is a master of helping organizations build a web presence that provides a lasting return on investment.

Outside of work (and yes, we think debating sports still kind-of counts for Puskar), Jay is all about having fun and giving back to those who matter. That sports thing we just mentioned--yeah he still has that itch for broadcasting. Since 2016, Jay handles radio broadcasts for Mercyhurst Football on 88.5 WMCE-FM and in the Spring Term of 2018, he became an Adjunct Professor up on the hill--teaching Intro to Sports Journalism. Outside of EWS and Mercyhurst, Jay enjoys concerts, sporting events, being active, and visiting state parks such as Allegany (NY) and Presque Isle. Jay embraces the Erie winters by heading up to Peek 'N Peak for skiing and tubing with family and friends.



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