Acceleration Partners is a global affiliate marketing agency focused on providing clients with measurable results.

Acceleration Partners came to Epic Web studios in 2021, looking for a website redesign and new platform. They needed a modern and responsive website that would resonate with their users, while also a easily navigable back end that would make it easier for them to manage their content. Our team saw the significant barriers that their old website was creating for their prospective clients, as it was difficult for their users to understand who Accleration Partners is.

They also needed a multi-region and multi-language infrastructure to better serve clients across multiple geographic locations. Epic created this multi-region and multi-language site to help Acceleration Partners’ clients better identify with their brand, provide a better user journey, and make their users convert more efficiently.

Epic’s team created their new website on our proprietary epicPlatform, offering a CMS that allows Acceleration Partners to seamlessly make edits and changes to their website’s content.



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