2023 saw the launch of epicPlatform version 4.0, Epic Web Studios’ new content management system update. This update, one of our biggest in years, seeks to make website development and management easier for anyone, regardless of their initial web design knowledge. But what is a CMS, and what makes epicPlatform so special compared to the rest? 

What is a content management system (CMS)? 

A content management system (CMS) is software designed to help with managing website content. With a CMS, you can create and manage content on your website without any prior coding knowledge. Content management systems come in two forms: open-source and custom.

Types of content management systems

Open-source CMS

Open-source content management systems are publicly available. They’re template-based, which allows users to design their website around a preexisting model instead of starting from scratch. While this is convenient, it also limits what web designers can do creatively. Common open-source content management systems include Wordpress and Joomla. 

Custom CMS

Custom content management systems are built for a specific project according to that project’s needs. While more costly than an open-source CMS, they make up for it in flexibility, security, and ease of use. They allow for more creative freedom for updating website content, as well. 

Why your CMS matters

Your CMS is the foundation that your website is built upon. However you design your website will be determined by the CMS’s limitations. If you use an open-source CMS, you’ll be limited to available templates and supported plugins; if you choose a custom one, you’ll be limited to the skill of the coding. That’s why it’s vital to choose a CMS that can handle both your current website needs and future ones. 


epicPlatform is Epic Web Studios’ in-house custom CMS. Built by our coding expert Shaun Rajewski, Epic Web Studios has continuously refined it over the years to bring our clients a secure, flexible, and creative CMS. These updates have become more vital over the years as web standards continue to change—but just like our CMS, we’re always ready to rise to the challenge! That’s why our newest update is also one of our biggest.

New CMS Features

Each epicPlatform update strives to make managing a website easier than before, and version 4.0 is no exception. This update comes packed with new features that improve accessibility, security, and creative control. 

Flexible Layout Generator

With the new Flexible Layout Generator, creating and updating website content is easier than ever. Premade rows and blocks allow for easy content organization, and their flexible design means they can hold text, images, or other media. Rows and blocks can be rearranged after their creation as well, making website updates simpler than ever. 

2-Factor Authentication 

The 2-factor authentication feature adds an additional layer of protection to the back end (administrative section) of your website, sending a code to your provided email address whenever a login attempt is made. This feature can be toggled on and off at any time. 

Meta Title and Meta Description Alert 

Making sure each page has a meta title and meta description is an important part of SEO. epicPlatform 4.0 displays an alert if a page is missing its meta title or meta description, removing the need to go into the page itself to check. 

ADA Compliance 

The ADA Act, or Americans with Disabilities Act, ensures that Americans with disabilities have equal rights and access compared to those who are fully abled. This includes online spaces, which is why epicPlatform Version 4.0 is fully ADA-compliant. 

Default Privacy and Terms of Use Pages 

epicPlatform Version 4.0 features premade Privacy and Terms of Use page templates. With these templates, you can easily add these vital pages to your website. 

Built-in Schema Tags

epicPlatform Version 4.0 offers built-in schema tags in order to streamline the schema-adding process. The available tags include: 

  • Review - Testimonials module
  • Person - Staff module
  • News Article - News module
  • Organization - Site logo (Site Settings)
  • Local Business (Business Module)
  • Question - FAQs Module

Test Page’s Core Vitals button

With the new Core Vitals button, you can test your page in real time according to four metrics: Performance, Accessibility, Best Practice, and SEO. This helps you to prioritize weak points in your page design and more easily optimize your website. 

Site Checker Admin Page

The new Site Checker admin page allows you to spot SEO errors at a glance. This includes indexing status, whether or not the site enforces canonical URLs, and more. 

Improved Form Modules 

With epicPlatform Version 4.0’s improved form modules, it’s easier than ever to add FAQs, contact forms, thank you messages, and other premade modules to your website. 

Custom Web Development at Epic Web Studios 

A reliable CMS is the foundation of a reliable website. At Epic Web Studios, we take pride in offering a reliable custom CMS for our clients to build their websites on. We don’t just stop at providing a custom CMS, either—we handle content development, digital marketing, and everything else you need to make your website and business stand out. Contact Epic Web Studios today and take the first step toward the website of your dreams.

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