The time has come for the official launch of our NEW CMS, Version 4.0! Thanks to the dedicated work of our resident developer team, this new version presents multuple exciting features to users, expediting the web process with a usability focus. As part of the system updates, users will now be able to access: 


  • Flexible Layout Generator, designed for ease of content insertion 
  • 2-Factor Authentication for added security 
  • Meta Title & Meta Description Alert to ensure these essential fields are not left blank 
  • ADA Compliance to improve CMS accessibility 
  • Default Privacy & Terms of Use Pages 
  • Built-in Schema Tags for SEO and ease of site building 
  • Core Vitals Test Page to run performance checks 
  • Site Checker Admin Page to test SEO efficiency 
  • Improved Form Modules 


We are SO excited for these new features to be implemented in future client projects! Stay tuned for further updates! 

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