On June 3rd, the Erie County Technical School hosted a DACUM (Developing A Curriculum) workshop to help technology students in the area establish best practices and standards. The Epic Web Studios management team was honored to be invited. The workshop's focus was to provide a tool for future technology educators & students in the Erie County area. A final report was compiled, based on the best practices, comments, and conversation that occurred at the event.

Shaun Rajewski, the Lead Developer at Epic, was featured in the final report page by saying "Never box yourself in. Know your client then communicate with your team. Don't become obsolete." Managing Partner David Hunter was also featured, commenting "Learn how to learn and be diverse!"

While the event was facilitated by Jan Kennerknecht, the Supervisor of Instructional Support at the Erie County Technical School, a variety of technology professionals from around the area were in attendance, including:

The event not only provided future students with guidance, but also current IT professionals with a time to reflect on what they do every day & awareness of all the other moving parts within an organization's IT Framework. When asked about what the workshop meant to him, David Hunter replied "The DACUM Workshop was an excellent opportunity to help shape the next generation of IT students in the Erie area; as well as an excellent opportunity to network with fellow colleagues. We were honored to be considered as panel members and look forward to working with the Erie County Technical School again in the future".

Click here to view the DACUM Research Chart in its entirety.

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