Rebecca  McManus
Content & UX Manager

Becky McManus has always loved Erie, PA where she was born and raised. She joined the Epic team in 2015 just before she graduated from Penn State Behrend with a degree in Marketing and specializations in Consumer Psychology and Social Media. Since her early years, Becky has been inspired by the design world - interior design, fashion, graphic design -  which is what brought her to the marketing world and all it has to offer.

At Epic Web Studios, Becky is a guru of all things content. Her work consists of website copywriting, content layout and formatting, copy editing, search engine optimization (SEO), mapping out user experiences, and website data analysis. Becky is curious, mindful, and constantly trying to get a new perspective which has led her to develop a passion for her work.

When she’s not busy tweaking content, Becky loves escaping to her home in the woods and cozying up with her pets. She always has an itch to go on outdoor adventures and experience new places. During the summer of 2014, she was even given the opportunity to study International Business abroad in Brighton, England at the University of Sussex. Her free time is also filled with gardening, crafting, discovering new music, hiking, and spending time with her close friends and family.


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