Marketing automation should be unique to every organization. Epic Web Studios can design and build marketing automation for your business. 

High-Level Steps we take to deploy a Marketing Automation System: 

  1. Identify all Goals. Every company wants to grow, but identifying goals should be more focused and results-oriented. 
  2. Perform all necessary research. Review what key stakeholders have to say about their department, analyze your current website traffic, learn about your competition, and much more. 
  3. Determine the appropriate channels for ROI. We believe your marketing budget should be determined by how much of a Return On Investment each channel can potentially offer. 
  4. Deploy unique systems for each channel. Maybe a live chat and Google Ads make sense for your brand, maybe it makes more sense to use text messages and Instagram Ads.  
  5. Set up analytics. Regular reporting to easily and quickly understand if all initiatives are on track is a must. 
  6. Review and Repeat. All the metrics and channels in the world are useless if you're not making alterations to the system as-needed. 

At Epic, we have been designing custom Marketing Automation Systems for almost a decade. The right mix of tools and process can skyrocket growth. We've had many great victories and even a few failures along the way. Our team is ready to discuss how marketing automation can put your organization on a new trajectory for growth. Reach out today. 

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Whatever your goals might be, Epic Web will work hard to help you achieve them.

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