Streamline your business processes and operations with custom software solutions made for you.

Our team will assist in analyzing your business’s current operations and provide an in-depth report on how things are running, where time is being allocated, and what can be automated to optimize the business process.

By implementing custom digital solutions and integrating the latest digital technology into your business processes, you can save time and money.

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Featured Business Process Optimization Work

Explore some of the companies (big, small, and in all industry sectors) that have benefited from custom software solutions by Epic Web Studios in the past. 

Stefanelli's Candies
National Logistics Network
Roth Marz Partnership
Erie County Bar Association
Erie Reader
Erie Promotions
Ribbon Factory
Barnhart Transportation

employee time clock system

Cut costs by saving time on the small things so you and your team can focus on doing your very best work. 

There are solutions for this; in the form of custom digital solutions and software installations— both of which have been uniquely custom-coded to ensure that they do exactly what they’re supposed to: Make your life easier

Our business process optimization software is designed specifically to meet your business needs, and in a way that the average employee can understand. This makes it easy for each and every person on your staff can take advantage of the digital age and spend their time, money, and energy doing the things that matter to your business and those you serve. 


Examples of Custom Software Solutions by Epic Web Studios

timeclocks and invoicing icon

Time Clock & Invoice Systems

Keep track of how time is being spent internally and automatically run payments based on the time punches, generate billing totals, track payments made, and more. Create tags to further detail how and when work is being done, and simplify your sales process by looking back at past data for more accurate time estimates.

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CLE Systems

Legal professionals in Pennsylvania can simplify the Continued Legal Education (CLE) process with an automated video learning system by installing a customized system that meets all PA's requirements for annual continued learning. Once a system is installed, Epic will continue to reinstall when necessary and make required updates. 


Employee Portals

Build a home base for employees where they can access pay records, workplace calendars, resource documents, and digital support lines — all in one place. From vacation and sick requests to keeping track of project goals and milestones, an employee portal will soon become a quintessential part of your everyday business process. 



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Next Steps for Custom Software Solutions

To get started, reach out. Our team will analyze your business from the inside out — finding where time is being spent and lost. In addition to a thorough analysis of your business process, we will provide you with complete solutions to optimize your workflow and overall process. Whatever your goals might be, Epic Web will work hard to help you achieve them.

Call (814) 746-6987, email, find us on social media, or fill out this form. Reach out today to get your business working smarter.

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