Social Media Management based on results, not promises.

Traditional social media management agencies focus on obtaining clients first, then scramble to deliver results. At Epic Web Studios, we prefer results first. Our social media management services are custom tailored to exactly fit what will work for your business. Whether your industry is in dentistry, e-commerce, or nonprofit, our marketing will set your business up for success. If you're ready to increase your business, this is the place to start.

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SEO Audits

Social Media Management, Strategy, & Implementation

Social media is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, aspects of an online marketing strategy. An established social media strategy can bring new customers to your doorstep, more phone calls, and increased website traffic. Our Digital Marketing team will help you develop goals and objectives to implement a successful social media strategy for your business. Following the creation of goals and objectives, the strategy will be implemented through organic and/or paid methods. Next, measuring the strategy’s impact and metrics are used to determine Return on Investment (ROI). In order for your business to stay relevant, it is crucial to implement social media into your overall marketing plan.


SEO Copywriting

Social Media Ads

Generating new leads for your business can be difficult. Through the use of paid ads, your business’s reach can be increased along with potential leads. At Epic Web Studios, our team will work directly with your business to develop campaign goals and a defined budget. The expertise our team possess will save your business hundreds of hours of practice, refining, learning, and implementing campaigns; something the average business does not have time for. Throughout the ad campaign process, our team will closely monitor results to provide your business with significant Return on Investment (ROI).


Local SEO Services

In-Depth Reporting

In-depth reports reflecting the performance of your social media strategy can be sent to your business weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually, or any specified time period. Included in the report are detailed graphs, statistics, and insights. Each report will be compared to a benchmark of your choosing. We will work with you to discover what metrics you value most and how you'd like to see them presented.

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