Website Redesign

Northwestern Legal Services (NWLS) started working with Epic Web in late 2019 when they were in dire need of a new web presence. Their website was incredibly outdated with a poor user experience, unprofessional appearance, and unresponsive design (meaning it wasn't mobile-friendly). It was also very difficult for their team to make updates to the site since it was 100% hard-coded. Today, their website is fresh and new, easy to manage, and bringing in the traffic and leads they need to grow.

Digital Marketing

Due to the global pandemic that happened early on in 2020, it was imperative for businesses to capitalize on digital marketing. NWLS took advantage of being able to reach potential clients through digital marketing with the help of Epic Web Studios after their new site launched. We work closely with the team at Northwestern Legal Services to ensure that they are able to reach potential clients through Facebook and Google Ads.

The Results

  • Since implementing lead generation paid advertising on social media, Northwestern Legal Services has been able to reach over 37,000 people in the surrounding area.
  • Their traffic driven to their website from their digital marketing efforts has also increased over 100% since running paid digital advertising campaigns.
  • With continued changes to the focus of their paid advertising to stay relevant to the current climate, NWLS reach and lead generation will continue to grow.

Next Steps

Whatever your goals might be, Epic Web will work hard to help you achieve them.

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