Website Redesign

In 2019, Stefanelli’s decided they wanted to commit to revamping their outdated, unfriendly website. They wanted to achieve a modern, classier approach to selling candy online. Through a mix of social media management, paid social ads, Google Ads, and search engine optimization, Stefanelli’s website became their best selling tool. With new product imagery, a streamlined offering, and a user-friendly website experience, they wanted to be an industry leader for online candy retailing.

2020 Fall Annual Sale

Every year customers look forward to Stefanelli’s Annual Sale where they receive their biggest discount on their favorite sweet treats! 

This year was no different. However, the approach to promote the Annual Sale was. Stefanelli’s leveraged all available social media outlets to do so. They capitalized on email marketing, Facebook ads, Facebook events, social media shopping and organic posts before and during their Annual Sale. 

The Annual Sale had a very comprehensive style and look. All digital assets coordinated with each other for easy recognition and user recall.

The Results

From November of 2019 (initial website relaunch) through April (Easter) of 2020, revenue increased by 147% from the previous year. Additionally, users increased by 286%, new users by 291%, and total transactions by 260%.  In just the first six months of advertising with a new website, Stefanelli’s made more revenue than the previous three years combined!

Stefanelli’s Annual Sale generated over $40,000 in revenue for a two week period. This accounted for 90% of their entire month’s (November) revenue. This happened with an average order size of $95, just shy of $100 (for CANDY!) and a little over 400 transactions.

The breakdown of revenue sources:

  • 45% - email 
  • 12% - social media

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