Search Engine Optimization

Absorb offers an award-winning learning management system and is a top player in the industry. Before working with Epic, they didn't have a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy in place. Our team helped them understand how important SEO is to the overall web presence for any brand. We performed an in-depth website SEO audit from a technical and creative perspective, digging into each individual page on the website while also taking a look from a higher level, structural point of view. After the audit was complete, our team fully implemented all of the suggested updates for SEO to help them follow best practices and standards.

Website Redesign

After the SEO audit was complete, we started phase 2 which involved a full website redesign to help improve the overall frontend user experience as well as make it easier for their team to get into the system and update the site on a regular basis. Our team helped integrate a fresh, new design with an optimal user experience based on our analysis during the SEO audit and also helped with copywriting and creating SEO-friendly content for new pages. Once the site launched, we provided a 2-day training session for the Absorb team to learn how to make updates to their new site while also keeping SEO in the back of their mind.

The Results

These are the results from organic search users after both phases were complete.

  • +80% impressions
  • +25% organic search traffic
  • +6% organic search conversions

Next Steps

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