Are the growth of your social media presence and the growth of your business mutually exclusive? Thankfully, no - but you're doing yourself a disservice if you aren't active in the social realm.


Social Media has been proven to be a great asset with the right strategy and consistency. It can take months of consistent posting to begin to see engagement. Growing a robust social media presence - usually 2-3 platforms - allows your audience to engage with you and your team, build trust, and be heard. 


Don’t get overwhelmed! It’s easy to pull up your favorite search engine or chatGPT and ask what and how often you should post on social media - it’s hard to figure out where to start from there. No worries though! The Epic Web Team has your back with simple tips for social media growth:


  • Start with the platforms you use and know the best
  • To begin, commit to one post, per platform, per week 
  • Grab a calendar or planner for content ideas and fill in the days with the easy stuff - federal holidays, employee anniversaries, events, etc.
  • Block your calendar when it’s time to create - trust me, you will get it done faster
  • Nothing too personal - keep it business/team-related
  • Keep going!


In short, yes, social media presence is valuable to the growth of your business but it’s not required. It might make the journey a bit shorter if you use it well though! Let us know if we can help you with your digital marketing strategy - with or without socials 🤜

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