There’s always something new to learn in the land of technology. New software, new apps, new words and phrases. We aim to find and spotlight those new things when they’re important for you and your business. 


🔦This is one of those things. It will probably look and sound familiar but with so many new advancements, it’s worth looking at with fresh eyes. It’s Customer Experience or CX. 


CX is the integral element that spans the entire digital customer journey, encompassing the pre-, mid & post-purchase phases. Its significance has been growing steadily, driven by the consumer’s need to cultivate trust with the companies they patronize. Building rapport should be done in each phase of the customer journey.


With that in mind, we’ve put together the Top 3 considerations for a comprehensive Customer Experience:

  1. Review Your Website - take the customer journey yourself! Navigate to your website, fill out the forms, or shop your products/services. Any action you want your customers to take, do those. If it was simple and easy and everything works and looks consistent, congratulations! Move to number 2. (Oh, if everything did NOT work, let us know!)
  2. Review Your SEO Strategy - Start by doing a search for your business(Use an incognito tab if you can). Where do you rank? In a Google Search, your GBP (Google Business Page) should come up when you type in your business name - review the information for validity. *If you don’t see your business name without scrolling endlessly, start there first - if you can’t find you, neither can customers! 
  3. Review and Evaluate Your Leads Process - You should know how your leads are obtained, all individuals who receive the lead information, and what they do with the information. Could any part of this process be automated? There are great AI tools you can put to work here that could free up time and make sure every part of the process is remembered.


There are many layers of the CX onion to peel back but do this to find those weak spots of your customer journey and use it to determine if your Customer Experience could use some attention. Let us know if you’d like more information on evaluating your CX processes - don’t miss this one!

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