How can you get your website seen by the right people? Where are those people? Who are those people? How has that changed? Could social media boost your audience? Are you collecting data safely? What threats should you look out for? What can you do to prevent hackers and cyber-attacks?
✨Queue the Epic Web team’s tips for a more secure and SEO-friendly 2024:We’ve seen our share of websites hacked in new and “innovative” ways this year.
The best way to prevent a cyber attack is education. We all know not to click on suspicious links or open an email from someone we aren’t familiar with but what else can you do?
  • 🔦Malware scans should be performed at least daily. New technology is allowing AI to catch these attacks much more quickly so check out those tools to help!
  • 👀Check to see who has access to your website by reviewing the admin settings. Forgetting to remove access for someone who is no longer employed with a company happens more often than you might think!
  • 🔑Two-factor authentication provides the most up-to-date protection against threats. Be sure to activate 2FA for anyone making changes to your website. 2FA looks to be the technology that may replace the need for passwords altogether🔑 No more forgotten passwords!!

🤞SEO will continue to be a huge focal point of strategy for 2024. Here are a few things to look out for:

  • 🧑‍💻Stay on track with the latest updates from Google and other search engines. These updates determine the expectations of your website content for those search engines to deem your content worthy of serving up to those searching for what you have without searching directly for you.
  • SEO is more involved than ever because of the 📲 many 💻devices🖥️ on which we consume content. Luckily, new AI tools are making it much easier to optimize for multiple devices so be sure to look into those. Oh, and for social media platforms remember, #hashtagsarekeywords
  • ✍️Don’t forget to give your old content love!  Focus on original content that could use a new headline or a few keyword additions. Old is as good as new!

A secure and SEO-friendly 2024 awaits you, and with the right tools and insights, your website can navigate the digital currents seamlessly. If you ever find yourself with questions or in need of guidance, don't hesitate to reach out.

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