With 2023 almost in the rearview, we want to end the year with a series that will take your website and digital marketing strategy into the new year ready to go!


For this series, each week we’ll break down trends in web design and development as well as digital marketing so that you can decide your most important focus. 


Is It Time for a Revamp? 2024 Design and Development Trends:


  • A Focus on Mobile Optimization - Why? 60%+ of users come to you through a mobile device. Optimize for User Experience (UX) to ensure a seamless enjoyable experience for users. Is your site mobile-friendly? Find out HERE
  • Creating Responsive Design - Allows content to adapt to different screen sizes, tailor layouts for specific screen resolutions, adapt to mobile-friendly navigation and optimize images for quicker loading on mobile devices. 


Adding to your Strategy? 2024 for Digital Marketing Trends:



  • Reevaluate your Audience and Competitors - With new tools and technology, you can much more easily identify gaps and opportunities. Try Local Falcon to see where you stand against your local competition. 


  • Push for Privacy - No more third-party cookies in 2024 means that you need to adapt to a tracking system that allows you to focus on first-party data such as email and SMS lists. Contextual Targeting - knowing which sites to place your ads on will be increasingly important.


As always, reach out to our incredible team if you have any questions or concerns about what’s to come. We’d love to talk updates and strategies with you!

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