For the last few months, lead developer Shaun Rajewski & project manager Maia Siber have been kicking butt on two major projects that have just launched. We are proud to announce the new websites for both Seaway Manufacturing and Palermo Realty & Development. Each project brought its own unique set of challenges, and the developers proved they were up to the task. Also - graphic designer Jason Horne was on hand to make sure the sites got 'the look' the clients were striving for.

"The Palermo site is completely unique to the area because the user can not only search for, apply and rent a home online - but they can also make monthly rental payments, keep up with payment history and submit maintenance requests; and that's just one-third of the website! The other two areas allow users to search for properties, take virtual tours of new developments and inquire anytime about availabilities, building schedules, etc. It is truly a one of a kind website for Erie & Crawford County." says lead developer Shaun Rajewski.

Speaking about the Seaway Manufacturing website, project manager Maia Siber said "Seaway was definitely a large project. With over 500 pages of active content, we certainly had our work cut out for us. It was well worth it though, because now potential Seaway Customers can search for and be educated on Seaway products; but also - all of the Seaway Dealers around the country can log in to a special 'Dealer Only' area and order marketing materials, learn about industry happenings, capture the leads they were given, watch educational videos and so much more. The dealer area makes the site stand apart from all the other window manufacturers in the region."

In addition to the dealer area, the Seaway website is touting a few brand new features that the Epic staff was excited to unveil. Not only does the site have a completely different "mobile version", but it also integrates the use of QR Codes, a kind of technology that is becoming popular with the advance of smart phones. Seaway can place the codes on all of their marketing material, and then when a user sees that material, they can simply scan the code and they are brought to a special section of the website offering valuable tips, deals and more. It is truly a convergence of various medias & the results are already proving positive.

You can view the Seaway Manufacturing Website anytime by going to

You can view the Palermo Realty & Development anytime by going to

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