Did you know that over 97% of all sent text messages are read? We're not talking 'marked as read', either! That kind of visibility can't be touched by email marketing or traditional direct mail! So, how can your business get on board to this growing trend? Text Message Marketing!

While there are a lot of expensive options in the SMS arena for updating your fans, Epic Web Studios has actually developed a very inexpensive option for small businesses to update subscribers by texting. We call it EpicTxt. 

With over 90% of cell-phone-using Americans already texting one-another, why is your business still only sending emails to get their attention? People love getting info and deals via email (and we are definitely not saying to stop your email marketing), but they would also love to get the occasional offer via their cell phone. We are not suggesting you bombard your customers by texting them with 'the newest widget' every single day, but we are suggesting that you develop a group of subscribers who ask to be placed on your list. Then, offer that group exclusive 'mobile-only' discounts on your products and services that they would not find elsewhere. Epic is so confident this strategy will work that we will literally give you 6 months of free EpicTxt service if it doesn't pan out for your business. Seriously!

If that has not convinced you, then look at it like this - you are already using email marketing - shouldn't you be using mobile updates too?

Wait - you're not even using email marketing yet?! Geez, you better give us a call ASAP!

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