On Wednesday, October 12, 2011, Epic Web Studios will participate in the Nonprofit Partnership's 11th Annual Nonprofit Day. This year's theme, 'Weaving the Fabric of our Community', speaks to the need to rally nonprofits, churches, schools, and caring individuals throughout our region to support and maintain a quality of life that we collectively treasure.

The Morning Keynote, "The Five Qualities of Successful Boards", will be given by Carol Weisman. The lunchtime keynote, "How Churches Weave the Fabric", will be given by David Campbell. Mr. Campbell is the author of "American Grace" and an associate professor at the University of Notre Dame.

The rest of the day will be filled with informative workshops on how to 'Weave the Fabric', and Epic Web Studios looks forward to participating. To learn more about Nonprofit Day 2011, please visit the Nonprofit Partnership's website at: www.TheNonprofitPartnership.org


Governance Workshops

  1. Carol Weisman, Transforming Ordinary People into Fundraising Superheroes
  2. Mark Howell (Strategy Central), Debug Your Thinking: Question Your Sacred Assumptions 
  3. Jim Ryan and Emily Wachter (Decision Associates), Succession Planning for Nonprofits
  4. David Campbell, Good Neighbors/Great Board Members

Management Workshops

  1. Debbie Thompson (Strategy Solutions), Sustainability in Troubled Waters 
  2. Mark Howell, Getting to There
  3. Best Practices in Volunteer Recruitment and Management
  4. Patricia Pedreira, Boundary Crossing to Build Strong Collaboratives
  5. Jonathan D'Silva and Dan Miller (MacDonald Illig), Legal Issues in Our Web-Driven World

 Marketing Workshops

  1. Cathy vonBirgelen (eMarketing Learning Center), Building and Sustaining Strategic Corporate Relationships 
  2. Mike Smiley (PAPA Advertising), Harnessing Media Convergence to Champion Your Cause
  3. Jacqui Lanagan (Strategy Solutions), Crucial Conversations: How to Talk to Anyone about Anything
  4. Pete Sitter (Pete Sitter Marketing), Tried and True Meets Cutting Edge: Critical Factors for Marketing Today's Nonprofit. 

Fund Development Workshops

  1. Claudia Jacobs, Connecting the Next Generation to Your Cause
  2. Bob Potter, Putting the University Fundraising Model to Work for You
  3. Planned Giving Essentials: A Panel Discussion
  4. Jill Pranger, ACFRE (Pranger Philanthropic), The Development Director as a Leader 

Plus the Bracken Award for Excellence in Governance, Annual Report awards, a day-long vendor fair, networking opportunities, and more!


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