Let's say you're a business owner trying to find a web design company.

There are over 200, 000,000 Google results for "small business web design," you don't have time to read through all of that! You have a lot of choices, and there's a lot at stake: the image of your business.

Choose Epic WebStudios - here's why.

Just like thousands of other small business web design companies we have the credentials. No question that we'll deliver your web project and do it for a price that won't break the bank. But it's the "above and beyond," the extra that we provide that makes us top-of-the-heap material: 

DESIGN: Fresh, Simple, Fun & Professional - all rolled into one.

Our portfolio demonstrates that we make websites that look like the website you want. You want your site to be super creative, really professional, or it needs to combine elements from other sites you love. You know what looks good and you want your small business web design company to understand your vision and deliver. We promise not to rest until you are more than pleased.

ENGINEERING: We understand 'people-friendly' navigation.

We always say - we want your website to be used by an 8 year-old's and 80 year-old's alike. Sure - you want some fancy tricks, I mean, you want your website to be cool, but easy enough for you to update and manage yourself as you grow and change, and not so over-the-top that your customers are bogged down with unnecessary flashiness. (Note: your website Design is just the picture. It's like a painting on a wall. Engineering is what makes your website work, making links and tabs "clickable." It's 3-D, like a painting that jumps out from the wall.)

TRUST: We've got proof.

You need lots of work samples to scan and real testimonials from satisfied, savvy business owners. You want to make sure we're credible, always reachable, and not out to fleece you or max out your credit card. You will find kind, honest people that have built a reputation on effort and talent, not extravagant claims and milking budgets. And you want a Guarantee, so you feel more secure making an investment in strangers. Well - here you have it: Epic Web Studios WILL NOT REST until you are completely happy with your final product. If you don't like your first design - we will re-do it until you do!

CONTENT: We market to YOUR customer.

These days - everyone claims to be a Marketing Genius; to have discovered the "New Secret" behind the foolproof method to make you millions. The "secrets" to Marketing aren't secrets at all; they're the usual suspects, and have been in play for a long time, since way before the Internet. Marketing and business websites are about understanding your customer, your business, and delivering real help, and simplicity. Think Fax Machine. Think E-Mail. Think Google.

SERVICE: We're going to be here for you - long after the project is done.

Your website company is like your doctor. You trust us to be experts at what we do, to understand, in-detail, what you don't have the time to learn, to explain things in a very simple manner; and not to disappear as soon as the last check has been written. We are, and strive to continue to be, forward-thinking - understanding that people are diverse and are sometimes scared, hesitant, over-the-top, confused and impatient - and we will not penalize you for it. Epic Web Studios is here to meet your needs.


At Epic WebStudios, we're not claiming we're THE BEST. We've got millions of competitors. But, we've made many small business owners very happy - with great-looking websites that work - by good people that are smart and easy to talk with. Give us a chance to have a relationship with you and your business as well - we promise not to let you down.

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