We at Epic Web Studios in Erie, PA have always made sure each web project and social media content calendar was unique to your brand. Now with the addition of our new Graphic Designer, each project will contain just a bit more personality.

Meet our new Graphic Designer Megan Callaghan!


Where are you from?

Warrenton, Virginia is where I’ve lived the longest. My father was in the Navy, so we moved around until then. (Gallifrey.)

What brought you to Epic Web?

Work. (Money.) I’d been looking for the right fit for a while and just wasn’t finding a place with the right atmosphere. So, I guess it was really the people. (GUYSSSS! FEELS.)

What peaked your interest in art? In Graphic Design?

Okay, big answer. Ready? I’ve always been artistic. Ever since I was little, my mother would find me drawing on furniture or creating imaginary hotels hanging over lava using tissue boxes and Beanie Babies. The funny thing is, I’ve always been a painter or a drawer. Even in college, I majored in classical painting. I never really sought out the digital arts. I actually stumbled into graphic design throughout my studies and just dove in head-first. Switching modes from painting to graphic design was a struggle at first because it was like coming at one place from two very different angles, but then I realized they’re really not that different at all. You are translating a message to every viewer in a creative and attractive way. That’s what we do as artists. We’re translators.

Which Epic client do you most enjoy creating content for?

Gosh. I do really enjoy doing stuff for BAWLS Guarana because I fit into their target audience. I like all the SciFi references and so on. But, I also really enjoy taking on new clients in general. Working from the ground up to design a new website is just so much fun. I get to be all these companies when I’m making mockups. It’s awesome to put myself in their mindsets and be able to give them exactly what they’re looking for – even if they didn’t know they were looking for it.

What is your favorite food?

Well, it’s not pizza. That’s the only food I don’t like. In fact, that may be a better question to ask. “What is your least favourite food?” The reason being that I’m really not picky. Maybe Thai food or a good ‘ol cheeseburger.

What is your favorite scene out of any movie?

I cannot answer this question. There’s no way I have just one favourite. I’ll give you one that I really like, though. Because it’s from a recent film, it’s fresh in my mind. “Maybe I am a monster. I don't think I'd know if I were one. I'm not what you are and not what you intended.” – The Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Then he hands Thor his hammer and it’s a serious moment shattered with humour. Such a strong line, though. I love it.

If you could have tea with anyone from the past, who would it be and why?

J.R.R. Tolkien in a heartbeat. I’d love to listen to him just talk. The level of understanding that he must’ve had is insane. He knew and created so many languages in a world that he built from the Shire up. All of his studies and his love for telling his children bedtime stories created a world with so much depth and wonder. Are you kidding? I’d forget what tea is and I drink it every day. (We’d be drinking Irish Breakfast or Earl Grey, by the way.)

Where can we find you on a Friday evening in the summertime?

If I were in Virginia, you may not be able to find me. I’d either be at the Battlefield walking around with my dog or I’d be at the lake with a book and a dark beer. 

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