Epic Web Studios and Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation have recently announced a new partnership. Epic Web Studios is going to provide website maintenance services along with regular updates to the new website at www.Kanzius.org

Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation was working on an outdated system for their website. thanks to the folks at Werkbot and Papa Advertising, they were able to have an upgrade on both the front and back ends of the website. From there, Epic Web Studios took over with the ability to add some stunning email marketing programs, integration of the full Google Apps suite of products (including the popular GMail for Business program), and regular site maintenance.

Epic Web Studios is very excited about the opportunity to work with the KCRF; not only are we supporting a really great cause - but we can also help to raise awareness for the cause and provide marketing insight to its chief decision makers.

You can view our work by signing up for the websites newsletter! Simply log into www.Kanzius.org and sign up!

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