We are pleased to announce that our client, Seaway Manufacturing, has won one of the most coveted awards in the Window & Door industry: the 2011 Window & Door Magazine Crystal Achievement Award for Most Unique Innovation.

Seaway was awarded this honor for our implementation of QR Codes (quick response code technology for smart phones) into our marketing resources such as literature, warranties, business cards, and product displays.

QR codes offer instant access to a wealth of information from the convenience of a mobile phone. And, the technology is growing in popularity at a rapid pace, because once people learn what a QR code is and what it can do, they can't wait to share their discovery with their friends!

Click here to view the 2011 Crystal Achievement Award Announcement in Window and Door Magazine's weekly e-newsletter.

This announcement will also be made in the September issue of Window and Door Magazine, which will be distributed at this year's Glass Build Show, in addition to its typical distribution list.

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