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How Do We Get This Number?

Great idea, but how is this figure calculated?

At Epic Web Studios, our developers are talented and motivated. The developers average 300 lines of code an hour, some hours more, some hours less. Obviously we don't code endlessly for 8 hours a day, but sometimes we write well over 1,500 lines of code in under an hour. In fairness, we thought you should know the math behind how this number was formulated.

Epic Web Studios became a full service website development firm in September of 2009 (with four or five projects before that time, too). Keeping that in mind, our scheduled 8-hour work days, 260 days a year, combined with our average 300 lines-per-hour, gives you the displayed total.

Why is the counter still running throughout the night?

We force our team to work long hours, and they don't sleep. Just kidding. While the counter is running 24 hours a day, the running formula stays true. Rather than having the counter run full speed, the counter is actually running at one-third (1/3) of the true speed to account for the 16 hours of "off time" each weekday. So there you have it. Over 45 million lines of custom, self-written code.

Are your lines next?

Whatever your goals might be, Epic Web will work hard to help you achieve them.

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