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David Hunter
Managing Partner

David Hunter is a native of Erie, PA and a graduate of Mercyhurst University with degrees in Business Administration and Marketing. Throughout his life, David always knew he wanted to run a business and has demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit since he was young enough to push a lawnmower (rather - young enough to show his best friend how to push a lawnmower). Growing up in Erie, PA and living in other parts of the country has given David an aptitude for understanding the local landscape and how it translates to both the regional and the national stage. He brought this knowledge to Epic Web Studios when he and Shaun Rajewski opened it in 2009.

David also serves on advisory panels for Innovation Erie, Athena Powerlink & a few private companies in PA. He is also on the Board of Directors for the Builders Association of NWPA and was elected in 2010 as an Associate Director so that he could advise the Board on their marketing activities and how to improve their messages to the public as well as aiding in extending the breadth and reach of both their membership base as well as usage by the public.

Outside of his commitment to Epic, David is a family man. Together with his wife, Jessica, they are parents to two beautiful children, Audrey & Leo. The Hunter's are active members of St. Peter Cathedral and are involved in many activities throughout the community. They volunteer for, and donate to organizations such as the Barber National Institute, and the Autism Society of NWPA.

When David isn't working twelve-hour days, you will find him either skiing or on the golf course taking one too many mulligans.

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Shaun Rajewski
Lead Developer, Partner

Shaun Rajewski graduated from Edinboro University and currently resides just a few minutes from the office in Erie. A self-proclaimed "computer geek", Shaun has been developing websites since the age of eight (yes, seriously, 8 years old). As Shaun continued through his early schooling, he became the "man behind the scenes" at General McLane High School. Shaun used this opportunity to enhance the look and appearance of the school's website, develop new ideas and features, and even created and implemented a Content Management System for the school district's websites.

A master in PHP, HTML, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery and pretty much everything else involving programming and logic, Shaun leads the team of developers at Epic. The author and brains behind the epicPlatform Content Management System, Shaun consistently improves user experience from both a front and back-end point-of-view. Shaun’s favorite thing to do at work is to improve the developer environment by creating new modules and features, speeding up development and adding to the product and service offerings of Epic.

Outside of developing new software, Shaun enjoys taking on the role of adding needless technology (such as the "EpicCams") and enhancing the office. Shaun also serves as the in-house repair man around the office, fixing nearly all issues that may arise, from leaky faucets to re-wiring light fixtures.

Beyond work, Shaun is a diehard Eagles, Penguins, Celtics, Phillies, and Otters fan. He also enjoys hanging out with friends, playing sports, treating himself to craft beer, and healthy doses of sleep, which usually happens face down on a keyboard after pulling an all-night programming session at the office.

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Angela Kelly
Project Manager, Content Developer

Angela Kelly grew up near the vineyards of North East, Pennsylvania. Before working in Erie, she traveled south to attend and later graduate from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Communications and a specialization in Public Relations.

Joining the team in 2011 as a Content Developer and Project Manager, Angela supervises all web development from creation to completion. Angela’s focus on project management includes strong communication with clients, leading the team to meet deadlines and implementing strategies to improve overall efficiency at the Epic Web Studios office. When it comes to writing website copy, Angela is one of the best in the area. She can have a one-hour conversation with a client, and then turn that into engaging, and search engine friendly text.

In her spare time, Angela enjoys capturing life through her camera lens, traveling the globe, listening to music and drinking expensive coffee with friends. 

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James Russell
Search Strategist & Digital Advertising Specialist

James Russell began his higher education at Robert Morris University near Pittsburgh, PA where he majored in Sports Management and was a member of the football team. His freshmen year tragedy struck in the form of the 9/11 terrorist attacks which prompted James to enlist in the United States Marine Corps. James spent 5 years on active duty and was honorably discharged. When his service ended he moved back to Pittsburgh where he held various positions in the field of radio frequency engineering. He eventually returned to Robert Morris University to complete his Bachelor of Science in Cyber Forensics and Information Security in just 2 years. During that time he met his wife who is a native of Erie which is the main reason the couple decided to move north.

Before working at Epic James worked as an online investigator, specializing in the tracking down of intellectual property from all over the globe. As you can tell, James was a bit of a nomad until recently. He was born in Ohio, raised in Florida and New Jersey, forged in Parris Island, South Carolina and has lived in numerous locales. James brings various skills and passions that will make him successful as a Search Strategist & Digital Advertising Specialist. Namely, the military precision that the Marines prescribe and the fact that he is possibly one of the most intelligent guys we've ever met. James' ability to look at a data set and distill viable solutions is almost frightening. Clients can look forward to this data-driven decision making whenever James is part of their project.

Fun fact, James is an early riser and you can often find him lifting weights at the gym at 5 am. Seriously folks, 5 am. The only other thing happening with the people from Epic Web at 5 am is you'll find our developers finally going to bed.

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Nick Taylor
Certified AdWords Specialist

Nick Taylor is a native of Erie, PA and a graduate of The Pennsylvania State University Smeal College of Business with a B.S. in Accounting. He is also an accomplished musician and current member of the regional act Falling Hollywood which received back-to-back Album of the Year awards in the Erie Times News and the Erie Reader. His business background and creative tendencies drove him to Epic Web and currently heads-up all Paid Search Digital Media Buys & Strategic Planning for Google AdWords® Campaigns.

Nick's business background and creative tendencies have driven him to co-found Falling Hollywood Entertainment LLC, a media firm that manages the act Falling Hollywood and organizes entertainment events. With Jessica Yochim at the helm, Nick has also pioneered bringing Google Business View to Erie, and landed on the map as being the only Google Trusted Photographer in the area.

Nick has a proven track record of success with Digital Media Buys having converted over one million dollars in sales, for a single client, in just under 12 months! Nick is truly a master of Consumer Behavior and ROI. For fun, Nick likes to, you guessed it, play music!

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Megan Callaghan
Graphic Designer

Megan Callaghan is a graduate from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Hailing from Virginia, she moved south to Georgia where she was fortunate enough to expand her childhood passions into a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in painting with a minor concentration in graphic design. After graduating, Megan worked as a freelance graphic designer back in Virginia. Missing the colder weather, she looked north and found Epic.

As an addition to the team in 2014, Megan’s role as graphic designer ranges from designing websites from the ground, up to full-scale branding and producing custom graphics for our social media department. She strives to project client goals through their web appearance in a cohesive and eye-catching way.

In her free time away from her duty to the Justice League, she travels through time and space in a blue box to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life - new civilizations. To boldly go where no timelord has gone before. She strives to use the force wisely and always has her wand at the ready and phaser set to stun.

Ironically, her choice of tea is Earl Grey.

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James Wnek
Developer, SEO, E-Commerce Specialist

James Wnek is the token "Quiet Guy" around the office. He is one of the strongest web developers on our staff though, so we like to have him around. James was born in Erie and raised on a farm outside the town of Albion, where he attended Northwestern School District. While in attendance he worked for 3 years on the Senior High School's help desk as resident computer nerd. After High School, he stayed close to home and attended Edinboro University where he obtained a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.

When James started with Epic in 2010, he was a lowly intern. He quickly made an impression on management as an extremely talented, incredibly smart & very motivated guy. So, he was hired as a web developer after just one semester as an intern. Over the years, James has developed an insanely strong understanding of what it takes for a website to have a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy that provides ROI. The staff is lucky to have James around to quiet the herd down when things get too loud and out of control (as they often do). Outside of work James enjoys bowling, the ladies, listening to music, and playing games.

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Keefer Kopco
Digital Media Strategist

Originally from Johnstown, PA, Keefer Kopco first found himself in Erie in 2010 when he began his studies at Gannon University. As a theatre and communication arts major he quickly found himself becoming a jack of all trades. In college he spent most of his time behind a computer working on their student-produced blog or in the theatre building, directing, or performing.

It was his work on Gannon’s student blog that made him passionate about digital marketing and social media. After a brief tenure as the Social Media Coordinator for a small, independent comic book publisher, Keefer found himself at Epic and has become an authority on all-things digital strategy & social media marketing.

Since coming to this dimension Keefer has found love in the form of comic books. When he’s not actively fighting crime or traveling to other universes, he can be found curled up with a precariously stacked pile of back issues. He’s also incredibly passionate about slam poetry and modern cinema. Fun Fact: He was named after Kiefer Sutherland. His mom really liked Lost Boys.

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Paul Sherer
Web Developer

Paul Sherer is no stranger to computers and technology, and in 2009 he started his own web development business in his hometown of Russell, PA. In just three years, Paul attained a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Political Science with minors in Psychology and Information Systems at Clarion University. While in school, Paul got involved in many different activities that allowed him to use not only his web development knowledge, but also his photography and videography skills. During his short stay at Clarion, Paul worked within the Universities’ Newspaper, Cable Channel, and the Activities Board as well as regularly helping out the administration.

With graduation approaching Paul began looking for his next big adventure and that's when Epic Web Studios came into the picture. As an already established web developer who coded in the same languages Epic uses, Paul was a natural fit.

When Paul is not writing endless lines of code at Epic, good luck is tracking him down. If he is not in his high-tech home office marathoning a project he could be found kicking ass and taking names. Then writing code to automatically keep track of those names.

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Rebecca Goldsmith
Content Developer, Project Manager

Becky Goldsmith has always loved Erie, PA where she was born and raised. She is a recent graduate of Penn State Behrend with a degree in Marketing and certificates in Consumer Psychology and Social Media. Inspiring others to pursue what they love and being inspired by others to grow as an individual has been something Becky's focused on since her early years. This understanding of inspiration is what brought her to the marketing world and all it has to offer.

At Epic Web Studios, Becky’s role as a Content Developer & Project Manager consists of writing website copy, optimizing search engine results, overseeing web development projects, and communicating with clients through the project process. Becky provides marketing insight as well as interpersonal and leadership skills to the Epic Web team.

Becky is curious, mindful, and constantly trying to get a new perspective on how things work which has led her to develop a passion for her work. When she’s not busy writing content, Becky has an itch to go on adventures and experience new places. During the summer of 2014, she was even given the opportunity to study International Business abroad in Brighton, England at the University of Sussex. Her free time is also filled with photography, long-boarding, discovering new music, hiking, practicing yoga, and spending time with friends and family.

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Andrea Vélez
Digital Media Strategist

Andrea Velez is a native to Erie, PA and an Edinboro University two time graduate. Andrea earned her degree in Communication Studies in 2013, after which her hunger for higher education led her to the School of Graduate Studies and Research where she earned her Master of Arts Degree in Communication Studies with two program emphases in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) and Managerial & Leadership Communication. In addition to her studies, Andrea simultaneously fulfilled two part time graduate assistantships in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences and the College of Science & Health Professions. She also established a passion for photography and videography, which ultimately led her to a career in marketing.

Andrea joined the Epic team in 2015 as a Social Media Strategist. As a life-long learner, Andrea is passionate about communication research and discovering innovative ways to enhance connections and relationships among people and what they most love. Through strategic planning, creativity and learning, of course, Andrea strives to give each client at Epic Web the upper hand in reaching their full potential with digital marketing.

When Andrea is not hard at work, she is busy being “super aunt” to her young niece and two nephews. She loves to play dress up, build forts, craft; and take them to Waldameer, the Erie Zoo, and Presque Isle. We’ve also figured out that Andrea is pretty funny, and has quickly become a source for positive energy around the office. If you’re having a rough day, just go hang with Andrea and you will be cheered up in no time. Seriously, this woman is always smiling!

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Jessica Yochim
Photographer. Videographer

Jessica Yochim began her extensive portfolio by working with the popular regional artists, Falling Hollywood. Once she confirmed her passion was going to become a career, she started studying Documentary Filmmaking at Pennsylvania State University, graduating in December of 2012.

During that same season, Jessica was contacted by Google to start working as a Google Trusted Photographer for the Northwest Pennsylvania region. Today, Jessica is the only photographer in Erie, PA who is licensed and contracted with Google to develop Google-Approved Virtual Tours of local landmarks, businesses and more.

Both Jessica and everyone from Epic thought it would be a natural fit to also start working with our clients outside of the Google Virtual Tour arena, and that's when she set up shop as the in-house photographer on the 2nd floor studio of our offices. Working with Epic has been a unique experience for Jessica because it's something new at every turn. One day, it's a photo shoot for a company's staff and the next its photographing products for e-commerce websites or buildings for their office. We like to keep her on her toes.