Website Quality Control

Quality Control in Erie, PA


At Epic Web Studios, quality control is of the utmost importance. That is why we assign a full time project manager to every client for every website and project. We do not simply "launch your website and disappear," but rather, we carefully pour over every detail and line of code, and continually strive for improvement of your website. Everything we do has an eye towards the future.


Listen to project manager Angela Kelly teach us about how Epic Web handles project management in this short video: 


Our Quality Control Procedures Include
  • Project management
    • A specific Project Manager assigned to each project
  • Timeline management
    • Each project has a timeline of how and when elements will begin and complete
  • Development site to track project in development
    • Follow every step of the process with a development site where you can watch your website being built
  • Search engine optimization inspection
    • Every project goes through a SEO check-list prior to launch to get the best possible results
  • Site launch inspection
    • Each site is checked for any loose ends or missing information prior to launch