Content Marketing & Website Copy Writing in Pennsylvania

Content Marketing in Pennsylvania
Content marketing and writing on your website is one of the most important parts to building a website and executing social media campaigns that are well-received by users. Strong content tells your story, keeps users on your website & brings people back to the website. Good copy-writing, highly researched content, and a voice that connects your organization with users can make a huge difference in driving leads, conversions and more visitors. 
Watch Content Developer Becky Goldsmith discuss how content marketing can impact your organization in this :30 video: 

Important Components of Content Marketing
  • Understanding your story as it relates to your organization
  • Building a unique narrative
  • Turning your story into a strategy
  • Turning your strategy into a website and/or campaign
  • Keyword research
  • Correct use of alt tags and alt text
  • Keyword density analysis
  • Creatively written
  • Unique voice
  • Should be straight to the point, easily skimmable
  • Anchor Links are Tested, Monitored & Measured
  • Easily enhanced with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or other Programmatic PPC Marketing

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