My Shoe Hospital is the largest shoe repair company in the world, repairing thousands of shoes, boots, belts and handbags every single week. Their operation in Texas is second to none, with brick-and-mortar locations in every major city: Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas/Fort-Worth. Having a robust presence online was the next logical step, so Epic Web began by developing a custom eCommerce website application to allow anyone in America create a repair for every type of of footwear on the planet. Once launched, our team went to work by agressively marketing the concept through niche sources. Epic relied on the top quality, true craftsmanship and rich history of My Shoe Hospital's 100-year operation to tell their story, and we leveraged influencers, social media, email marketing, bloggers and customers to drive website traffic and create a new stream of revenue. 

Epic Web Studios is proud of our partnership with My Shoe Hospital and we would encourage you to give online shoe repair a try! 

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