Epic's managing partner, David Hunter, will be giving a presentation to members of The Nonprofit Partnership on Friday, December 11 at WQLN in Pennsylvania. The topic, "The ROI of Social Media and AdWords: Nonprofit Edition", will be discuss how an organization can measure return on efforts when it comes to digital marketing.

For all of you who are wondering how to justify the time you're spending posting to social media or are concerned about converting your casual contacts into dedicated followers and donors, some answers may be coming your way in this workshop. This session will focus on building content and advertising for Facebook and Instagram, and by doing so we will explore the top strategies, tips, and tools to help you measure your progress and understand how social media helps your organization. 

Additionally, he will provide information on how to maximize the benefit of Google AdWords as a nonprofit organization (spoiler: it's a Google Grant). If you haven't already signed-up, please do so by contacting Bob Wooler at The Nonprofit Partnership today.

Bob can be reached via email at RWooler@TheNonprofitPartnership.org or by phone at (814) 454-8800 x3. 

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