So you've seen Google's Street View, right? Street View is that very cool & sometimes creepy software that lets you walk up and down just about any street in America. Ever wondered what's inside all those buildings? Well put that guessing game away, because Google is now taking you inside! Google has announced a new product called "Street View Trusted" that lets you 'walk in' the front door of any building with a virtual tour enabled, and it's now available to your organization.  

To provide the virtual tours in Erie, Google partnered with Epic's photographer, Jessica Yochim. Jessica also owns MenajErie Studios, located right inside Epic Web, and has been working hard in her studio to make Street View Virtual Tours a reality for Erie. Think of all the possibilities - it shows up in Google search results, it's linked to Google Maps, you can embed this into your website, you can share it on your social media accounts, you can customize the views, it works from any device and it's all hosted by Google for free! Imagine how great your organization will look with these beautiful, high-resolution, panoramic images.

To see a few examples, check out the links below:

Click "See Inside" in Google Search Results

Visit Epic Web Studios on Google Maps

Check out Business View on our website ( 

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