The end of the 2018-2019 academic school year marks the beginning of a new wave of interns at Epic Web Studios. Recently, Epic hired its largest group of interns--six students!

Due to the Epic team expanding over the years, our interns are excited to work directly with professionals in their field of study. This large number of interns will also take some stress off the Epic staff! Whew!

Listed below are our newest team members:

Digital Marketing Team

Adrienne Nannen - Mercyhurst University

Vincent Torrez - Mercyhurst University

Nick Wendelboe - Mercyhurst University

Web Development Team

Sean Abbott - Pittsburgh Technical College

Tucker Geer - Edinboro University

Graphic Design Team

Danielle D’Amico - Kent State University

In addition to hiring new interns, Epic employed two previous interns from last semester, Evan Donnel and Kira Foster.

Welcome our newest members to the team!

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