Preference and habit guide social media experts in their digital marketing strategy. Variables such as these make every individual’s strategy different, but one trend has taken the forefront in recent years: social media users love a cohesive feed.

With a consistent posting schedule, a brand’s feed can gain notoriety and popularity, which ultimately leads to success in other business goals. Consistent organic social posting of creative, relevant, and authentic content keeps a profile fresh and repeatedly popping up in followers’ feeds. 

This is where Plann — the digital marketing tool that is about to reshape your social media strategy — comes in.

The Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed

Plann is an Instagram marketing tool designed for visual creators. The Plann app is centered around a structured feed schedule. In the main portion of the app, a social media manager or business owner can import photos and graphics that they plan to post to their brand’s Instagram feed in the future. 

Once imported, the images can be rearranged by holding down and dragging them to a new location. The Plann app is instantly responsive and the other images will shift around the move automatically, making it possible to manipulate your future feed with the utmost ease. 

Using Plann helps you have a cohesive and consistent feed style and the app makes it easy to see how new campaigns or content will flow with what already exists on your social.

Both Plann online and the Plann app allow for much more creative captions than the Instagram interface. (Yes, with Plann you can finally break Instagram captions with paragraphs instead of a bunch of periods, get excited!)

With Plann's free option, you can make 30 posts to Instagram monthly and get basic analytics. 

As part of Plann Premium, there are even more strategy tools including the ability to create, save, and then easily copy and paste hashtag clouds (which include SEO tracking integration so you can find the most applicable hashtags).

Other Useful Features: 

  • Track the engagement on posts, see your most popular, which hashtags are performing best, and even the color pallet of your feed so you can match it to future content. 
  • Get analytics on what posting time receives the most attention based on your specific following.
  • Either schedule posts to populate your feeds automatically at a specific time or incorporate reminders to manually make social media posts.
  • Design, plan, and schedule Instagram Stories ahead of time in the Plann app to maintain a brand’s aesthetic across all outlets. 
  • Add team members to really take a digital marketing strategy to the next level.  

Why do you need to Plann ahead?

Have you ever posted a photo to Instagram and the second it loads in your feed you realize that it sticks out like a sore thumb, not fitting the aesthetic you carefully crafted over weeks of work? If you answered yes, stop stressing about your next post and start Plann-ing.

And if you’re in a rut when it comes to getting original or creative with your posts, Plann has a great blog full of inspiration and strategy updates. 

Both the Plann app and Plann online make it easy to look ahead and actually see what is coming up in your feed for the next week, month or year. Plus, with all the analytics of Plann Premium stored in one place, you can stay organized and eliminate all the guesswork of what to share when. 

Seamless Integration

Not only is Plann a great digital marketing tool that helps you visualize and plan for the future of your brand or business,  but it also has additional features that make it a go-to app for enhancing your Insta feed.

Plus, Plann is seamlessly integrated with Canva, a free graphic builder that can be used on both mobile and desktop interfaces. From your building feed or content plan, you can go directly to either the Canva website or app. Check out our December blog to learn more about how you can have custom graphics in just a few minutes with Canva. 

Step Up Your Insta Game

There are other social media planning products on the market such as Later, Planoly, and Pixlee. Planoly has a similar free option to Plann. Each has its own range of features, so feel free to test out a few. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your current digital marketing strategy, can’t grasp what the future of your feed will look like, or just want to simplify your social media schedule, a  feed tool like Plann will be a sanity saver. 

In some cases, you may find yourself needing to grow your social media presence alongside your emerging business. So many people are familiar with social media, especially in the digital age we live in, but not everyone is aware of how important it can be for your online presence and business strategies. Effective social media strategy is something that will set you apart from your competitors. Look no further than Epic Web Studios for all your social media needs. We'll stay on top of your socials, your strategy, analytics, and changes to the digital environment.


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