Late last year, Facebook announced that there would be some big upcoming changes to the company. In October 2021, Facebook officially became Meta. The company changed its name to coincide with new shifts toward their development of shared virtual and augmented reality technologies. The change had a ripple effect that brought in new adjustments to their subsidiary companies. The main changes were implemented in the big-name platforms most are familiar with: Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook and Instagram may appear different on the surface but the two are wildly interconnected, and not purely by ownership ties. Although the two platforms are used for different reasons and reach different audiences, it’s really no surprise that Facebook (now Meta) has been working to integrate them. Now, creating posts, sharing photos, and even advertising efforts have been streamlined between Facebook and Instagram. The most recent push to bridge the gap between these platforms is the new version of Facebook Business Manager that was rolled out earlier this year: Meta Business Suite.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

Meta Business Suite isn’t a completely new and revolutionary addition to Facebook. A lot of Meta Business Suite is similar to the old Facebook Business Manager. Facebook’s initial intention with implementing the Business Manager was to help page administrators manage their businesses and advertising campaigns. This wasn’t able to be done within Facebook’s platform before the introduction of the Business Manager. 

New Changes Brought in by Meta Business Suite

So, the essence of Facebook Business Manager isn’t changing with the newly updated Meta Business Suite. The goal of the Meta Business Suite is to continue to provide a centralized location from which pages, content, and ads can be managed. However, the user experience and user interface received a much-needed facelift. Meta Business Suite now provides a more efficient integration between both Facebook and Instagram, making it easier for admins to navigate between both platforms.

Creating Content on Multiple Platforms

Managing your page became a lot more intuitive with the new look and feel of the Meta Business Suite. You can easily view your published posts with insights regarding your reach, engagement, and number of reactions or likes. Creating posts became much easier, too, as you’re able to preview how they’ll look once published on both the Facebook and Instagram platforms. 

The Suite also offers a built-in social media content calendar, where you can gain a bird's eye view of your current posts. The Planner gives you the ability to easily publish, schedule, or rearrange any of your posts on both Facebook and Instagram. Administrators now have something similar to a set it and forget option, allowing them to be proactive when it comes to social media marketing.

Integrated Inboxes

We’ve been highlighting the benefits that come from integrating both your business’s Instagram profiles and Facebook pages because it makes managing your socials that much easier. The arguably handiest feature of Meta Business Suite is the integration of both platforms’ inboxes. Instead of having to switch back and forth between two different platforms, responding to comments and direct messages can all be done in the Business Suite. You’ll ultimately have a better handle on what’s happening and where because your social media management is streamlined into one, singular place.

Facebook Ad Management

Although you can still access the old Facebook Ads Manager if you’d like, there is a designated section for your ad management in the Meta Business Suite. Your normal functions remain the same: creating new ads, boosting posts, promoting your page, and viewing your metrics. More recently, Meta announced the rollout of the new Meta Advantage suite. This will replace old tools such as their Automated App Ads and Detailed Targeted Expansion, consolidating them into the Meta Advantage suite. 

Leave Your Social to Epic Web Studios

You can opt to go back to Facebook Business Manager if you aren’t fond of the Meta Business Suite; however, it seems that the Business Manager will eventually be transitioned out. It’s only a question of when. Keeping up with new changes can be a struggle when it comes to managing your online and social media presence. Our team of experts at Epic Web Studios know a thing or two about social media. We provide social media marketing services that will stay on the forefront of emerging trends and updates. Let us take it from here.


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