Executive Coordinator
Miriam Lamey arrived in Erie and most recently to Epic Web Studios via a long and winding road, including, but not limited to, living in New York City, graduating in 2005 from Brandeis University (and becoming a Boston resident and Red Sox fan) and growing up in England. 
Miriam joined the team in 2017 as Executive Coordinator, bringing her wordsmithing and organizational expertise to Epic. Working on the front lines of the executive offices, she ensures an operational environment that is beneficial to every employee and client within the firm, often wrangling the random and unexpected. 
When not at Epic, Miriam spends time with her family, writes, runs, bikes, yoga-s (she is a certified instructor),explores Erie's nuances, travels, cooks, and enjoys getting outside and staying active as much as possible. She loves a great restaurant, a long trip and some excellent wine or cocktails at the end of it all...or in between, depending on the day.

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