Larry  Klick
Search & Digital Advertising Specialist

Larry Klick may be the most appropriately-named employee ever hired by Epic Web Studios. Consider that he:

  1. Plans and executes clients’ cost-per-click (CPC) advertising campaigns
  2. Majored in sociology with a minor in psychology at Thiel College, while taking as many elective communications classes as possible. In other words, he’s always been fascinated in what clicks with people. 
  3. Is a hobby photographer (shutters on cameras, as you’ll recall, make a clicking sound). His specialty is outdoor long-exposure (with apologies to TLC, he will go chasing waterfalls — they’re his favorite subject)

Given his interest in the nuances of human language and interaction, Larry’s transition from the communications and media field to digital advertising was a natural one. If there’s anything he’s learned over the years, it’s “Listen to what the client is saying. They’ll let you know what they’re looking for.” (Even if it’s only implied.)

In addition to photography, Larry enjoys golfing (Whispering Woods is his local favorite for a good challenge), craft beer (New England IPAs FTW), Cuban cigars, and spending time with his wife Kristy and young son Caiden.


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