Target the current customers of your competition.

Target anyone that has been inside a competitor's location in the past 5 years! This is no ordinary geo fence either!

Present ads based on demographic information like age, gender, or salary. Tell them why your CU is better, and win them over.

At Epic Web, we’ve got a very specific process that is a proven winner for our current clients. Here is an outline of the strategic plan we would use for your company: 
  • Goal: More customers.
  • Objective: At least a 3-to-1 return every month.
  • Tactics: Website content, Local SEO, Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads.  
  • Timeline: 90-day trial. 

Show me how it works

Setup (2 weeks):

  • Discovery: Research, Key Stakeholder Interviews, Audience audit, Website audit, etc. 
  • Strategic Plan: Executive Summary, Competitor Analysis, SWOT, SEO report, and all the other good stuff that goes with a strategic plan
  • Content Calendar: Epic will create a 90-Day Content Calendar focused on everything from holidays and company events to email blasts and FB Ads.  
  • Set up and/or Clean up all platforms and tools: Call tracking, email marketing, social media accounts and more.  

Every Month (for 90 Days):

  • Ongoing Social Media: One post per social media platform, per week. 
  • Website Updates: One news entry/blog post to your website each month.
  • Email Outreach: One targeted email per month (focused around the topic we added to your news/blog
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimization: Implemented for all news/blog posts & review of top-level pages.
  • Google Ads (formerly known as AdWords): Constantly running with a small budget to test.
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads (yes, Instagram Ads work for your demographic): Rotating bi-weekly with a small budget to test.
  • Monthly report & phone meeting: Quick call to review progress and get your feedback. 

Google Ads for Lawyers

Google Ads

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram Ads

Ongoing SEO


Local SEO with ASAPmaps


Call Tracking

Call Tracking

Ads Optimization

And more...


Sebald & HackwelderAsk one of our clients in PA, Ron Hickoff, CMO of Erie Federal Credit Union. He will tell you about our results. His number is (814) 825-2436 and his email is rhickoff [at]

Here’s a snapshot of his results:

  1. 10% Conversion Rate.
  2. 5.5% Click Through Rate.
  3. Started with a $15.69 cost per click(CPC), CPC is now down below $5.

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