Small businesses need your expertise more than ever.
Reach them now. Help them immediately.

As an attorney, accountant, payroll or tax professional, it's critical to offer your clients peace of mind during a time of crisis. Have your clients learned about the different SBA programs? Are their PPP applications correct? Do they know you're allowed to help them (and that it's at no cost to them)?

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COVID Help Campaign Results
1,226 conversions in 10 days from business owners who need help with SBA loans and guidance on COVID survival. 

A strategy based on results.

At Epic, we’ve created a proven process to help law firms grow and reach business owners who need guidance and help during the COVID-19 crisis.

Here's an outline: 

  • Goal: Help small businesses during the COVID pandemic.
  • Objective: At least a 3-to-1 return.
  • Tactics: Facebook, Instagram, Email & Website Content.
  • Timeline: Today (ASAP), until SBA loans defund.

What we'll do (immediately, upon approval):

+  Discovery: Industry and audience research, key stakeholder kickoff meeting to get started.

+  Facebook Ads: Multiple ads, running simultaneously, A/B tested for performance.

+  Website Content: Landing page additions/modifications as needed.

+  Instagram Ads (yes, Instagram Ads work for your demographic): Rotating every 3 days A/B tested for performance.

+  Monthly Report Review: Quick phone call to review progress and get your feedback.

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Facebook Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Content Marketing

Content Marketing


Williams & Jorden

It worked for Attorney Adam Williams.

Ask one of our clients in PA, attorney Adam Williams. He will tell you about our proven results. His number is 814-315-3255 and his email is Feel free to give him a call and ask about it yourself.

Here’s a snapshot of his results:

  1. 2,500% increase in visibility to his content during COVID-19.
  2. Over 1,200 new sign-ups to the firm's newsletter from Facebook, alone.
  3. Over 50 conversions into paid consultation and SBA loan guidance.

Start helping businesses survive.

If you'd like to set up an initial call with Mike Thompson, at no cost, his calendar is here: 

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