Digital Media Strategic Planning Firm in Pennsylvania

Website Marketing Strategy in Erie, PA


Winning companies have a plan. It’s that simple. Your organization’s web strategy must be both proactive and reactive at the same time. At Epic Web Studios, we know how to help you do both. We start by defining your goals and creating measurable objectives to achieve them. Then we carry out the tactics proven to succeed and drive objectives home on a weekly and monthly basis.


Digital Strategy Development is the process of carefully mapping out the goals, objectives and tactics for implementation of a website, search strategy, social media presence and more. Part of this process is development of the information architecture for your website and the other part is developing the digital marketing plan after the website has been created. 



Listen to Digital Media Strategist, Keefer Kopco teach us how Epic Web approaches digital strategy in this short video: 


Digital Marketing Strategies & Website Marketing Tactics We Employ
  • Strategic Planning
  • Heavy use of Google Analytics
  • Implementation of a Google Analytics plan; before launching
  • Consultation on current sales & marketing tactics relating to your website & overall marketing strategy
  • Integration of digital strategy with traditional marketing mediums
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Digital SWOT analysis
  • Lead capture research (lightweight CRM)
  • Content creation & development
  • Ongoing digital strategy maintenance
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Digital Brand Management
  • Local market analysis
  • Regional market analysis
  • Nationwide market analysis
  • Easily enhanced with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or other Programmatic PPC Marketing