Megan Callaghan

Loves Riddles... 

In my free time away from my duty to the Justice League, I travel through time and space in a blue box to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life - new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before. Perhaps I shall find and destroy a horcrux or two along the way.

While I travel by tardis, flu powder, transporter devices, and the tube (because none of the cabbies would take me) - I am rather fond of walking, though I never turn down a ride from a beat up, powder blue jeep. Sometimes I feel as though I have this destiny that only an old dragon can allude to in confusing riddles, but then again dragons do love their riddles and I shan't deprive them of that. I am rather good with riddles.

Like any other, I have my weaknesses. I'm afraid of bats, but I learned to embrace them in a rather theatrical way. I try to only take in that which makes me stronger, but I'm not perfect. I stole a ring once. It brings me great power and I can't help but think it so precious to be held close to me at all times. Maybe my head is just going fuzzy. Must be nargles. No matter, I use the force wisely. I always have my wand at the ready and phasers set to stun.

Phone Lestrade for any other inquiries. Live long and prosper.